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Camille Intuitive Wellness is a collective of deeply attentive massage therapists, birth workers & educators.  We are committed to safe, dignified and equitable  spaces for healing , Our offerings include support for injuries, chronic pain, joint disorders, anxiety, post-surgical and oncology bodywork. Join us for community workshops and events, movement classes and be resourced with childbirth education, mother-care and postpartum support.  We invite you to feel at home in your body and to embrace prioritizing your health without condition.  Welcome!

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About Us

At Camille Intuitive Wellness, we envelope our patrons in the warmest welcome and provide them  safe, dignified and equitable space to support healing. Our practitioners first listen intently before integrating all of their skillsets to help clients access relief, reach their therapeutic goals and be at home their bodies.

We are deeply committed to filling in the gaps in prenatal and postpartum-healthcare and supporting physical, mental and emotional healing after traumatic birthing experiences.  Over the past 13 years, we have become a trusted resource for therapeutic and restorative bodywork, freedom from pain and tension,  and support for injuries, strain, joint replacements, and oncology.

We are deeply invested in supporting healthy postpartum recovery, dignified care after and miscarriage or termination, comfortable pregnancies, and stress & anxiety reduction throughout preconception and fertility journey.

We extend our deepest gratitude to clients who have grown with us over the years and trusted us with the care of their loved ones, families, coworkers & communities.


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Thanks for connecting!        Tel: 443-653-3165
3000 Chestnut Ave, Suite 15, Baltimore, MD 21211

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