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Postnatal Massage & Mama Care


Naya Werts

Ph.D., MS E.H.S., L.M.T., A.O.B.T.A.

C.P., C.Z.S.P.

Naya offers Shiatsu Stetch & bodywork,

Eastern Wellness Consultation & Treatment with Japanese Acupressure & Herbs  & Glide Acupressure. Her intention is to work from the heart to bring you back to center.

Niya Werts is an American Organization of Bodywork Therapies of Asia Certified Practitioner (AOBTA CP) and a Zen Shiatsu Alliance Certified Zen Shiatsu Practitioner (CZSP). She has taught exercise science, nutrition, health promotion, and Shiatsu at the college and professional levels for over 17 years. She is an Associate Professor of Health Science at Towson University and guest lecturer in integrative medicine at the University of Maryland Center for Integrative Medicine, the University of Maryland Eastern Shore School of Pharmacy, and the Towson University/CCBC Essex Physician Assistant program. She is a student practitioner in the Post-Graduate Japanese Herbology Program with the New York City Kampo Institute.

Camille  Brown

Camille is an intuitive & deeply attentive therapist who tailors every session to her client's concerns. Camille's touch is very fluid, strong, intuitive, nurturing & precise. She integrates a broad range of stretching, joint manipulation, hot stone work & deep-myofascial techniques to effectively release neck, shoulder, hip & low back tension & support headache relief. A committed  birth worker, she offers Prenatal & Postnatal bodywork in support of healthy birthing transitions & positive post-birth experiences. Her overall approach is influenced by traditional wellness & bodywork learned while living, working & traveling abroad in Thailand, Korea, Morocco, Ethiopia & Japan.

"(her) touch is incedibly intuitive it's like... she sees through her hands" P. K.

"Camille is a magical unicorn" M.C

Lena Denison, L.M.T

Lena Denison, LMT has been practicing massage therapy & energy work for 14 years.  She began with an interest in energy work, followed by massage therapy and leading her to study Craniosacral therapy years later.  Listening to the body and follow its cues is integral to her practice, allowing her clients to experience being in a deep, healing space.  Her practice includes Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Prenatal, Sports Massage, Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy & Hot Stone massage. 

Sophia Strum

Sophia graduated from Davis & Elkins College in with a B.A. in Environmental Studies then moved to London to study Nutritional Therapy & stumbled upon her love & passion for massage therapy. She returned to Baltimore & attended the Holistic Massage Training Institute & has collaborated with Physical Therapists to developed her own style as well as learned timing and attention to details while working at day spas. She is currently licensed in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sport Massage, Hot Stone, Trigger Point Release, and Prenatal.

In her free time, she enjoys being a mom.

Lev Shamburg

R.M.T. Lev has a client-centered, holistic & integral understanding of the body and his bodywork is mindful and outstandingly thorough. Enjoy greater freedom of movement and vitality with his 'From the Ground Up' floor stretching & massage.  His customized & deep tissue massage employs stretching and breath work for optimal release and relief. 

Pileet Fennel

Pileet is a gifted therapist and birth worker, with over 18 years of experience effectively addressing muscle strain, injury and tension relief. Pileet is gifted at resolving shoulder strain & opening and releasing limited range of motion in neck & hip joints. Her authentic & attentive nature disarms anxiety and dissolves inclinations to brace & anticipate discomfort.

Her offerings  include therapeutic deep work, lymphatic drainage and massage for grief release and anxiety.

Diane Gioioso

Diane Gioioso L.AC & M.AC. Practices acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine for those who are seeking change.  She has studied Chinese medicine for 20 years and engages full range and depth of the tradition to address health conditions and facilitate spiritual growth.   She maintains a general practice and is trained in specialties including – gynecology, fertility and pregnancy, pediatrics, mental/emotional conditions, neurology and dermatology. 

Contact Diane  (410) 205-2456 •

Glenda Hull

R.M.T. Glenda is an energetic, compassionate & highly experienced practitioner with over 15 years of experience practicing deep tissue and myofascial bodywork. She is adept at tailoring essential oil blends to restore & relax clients. Her focuses include oncological bodywork particularly with respect to healing and dissolving post-surgical scar tissue after reconstruction and addressing neuropathy, & other discomforts brought on by chemotherapy and radiation.

Perinatal & Guided Partner Stretching Workshops
Pregnancy Through the Lens of Chinese Medicine

This winter, Intuitive Wellness  hosted Labor & Delivery,  The 4th Trimester: Postpartum Thursday, January 19th with Diane Gioioso L.AC. & M.AC. for practitioners, birth workers, doulas, midwives, bodyworkers. We will resume our partner stretching & prenatal and birth support offerings for practitioners & families this coming Fall 2020 with workshops on supporting the mother through specific nutrition and pressure points relevant to each stage of pregnancy & the development of the baby's organ systems. We will offer credited workshops for the First, Second & Third Trimester Care as well as learning forums for expectant mothers & families .

Shiatsu Essentials

We are pleased to offer Shiatsu Essentials for Friends & Family as well as for Practicioners for CEUs. Shiatsu for Friends and Family teaches stretches and partner body-working for family and friends.   learn stretches and body work that you can perform  anywhere….  in the airport,  the gym,  at home when someone needs support and relief.

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*all other times by appointment...

*Massage at Camille Intuitive Wellness is for therapeutic and restorative purposes. Any inappropriate or suggestive behavior or language will result in immediate termination of the session at the client's expense.

*  Prenatal massage is offered after the 1st Trimester or 13th week of pregnancy. 

*  Postnatal body work is tailored to support a mother's transitions after labour & delivery. Special attention is given to  ilio-sacral & pelvic shifts, and to neck & shoulder strains related to nursing and caring for a newborn. Postnatal work can begin as soon as a mother' feels ready to receive  as long as she is not expressing any contraindications to receiving bodywork, such as: preeclampsia, high blood pressure, swelling or disturbed vision or breathing.

*Please give 24 hour notice when cancelling or rescheduling your appointment in consideration of other clients and practitioners. We do understand that things come up. When the unexpected occurs, please call or message 443-653-3165.

Clients will receive a text alert to check in 5 minutes before their session that will notify your practitioner to come and meet you at the door for a thermal temperature reading.


*Tipping... never expected, always appreciated.  If you wish to tip, please offer any gratuity via Venmo, Cash app & cash to your practitioner. 





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