We are opening in alignment with the new world of COVID safety standards and guidelines:

We welcome you to new contact-free intake, payment and booking systems that make scheduling and receiving services simpler and safer.  


At Intuitive Wellness we take the health and safety of our practitioners & community very seriously, and have taken the following specific measures to protect our team & patients against the spread of COVID-19: 

Administrative Operations:

  • You will receive a digital COVID Wellness screening with your appointment conformation and digital intake form.

  • We have upgraded to a new  booking system that supports contactless transactions, intake processing, forms as and automates a digital Client Intake Form &  COVID Wellness Assessment questionnaire.

  • Upon arriving your practitioner will perform  a contactless temperature reading and offer you hand sanitizer.

Risk Elimination:

  • Minimization of client-to-client contact via car to service practices, and elimination of waiting areas.

  • We asks that all phones, screened devices and watches be put away before entering treatment rooms and that eyeglasses and jewelry be  removed before sanitizing hands and beginning sessions. 

  • Restrooms have been supplied with touch-less soap dispensers and trash cans.  We encourage  patrons to use the restroom before arriving to minimize contact with shared spaces where possible contact .

Engineering Operations:​​

  • Our Occupant Density has been reduced .  The number of providers  in the building has been reduced and our practicing days and hours have been staggered. The schedule maintains a 30 minute gap in between clients sessions to limit  client contact.

  • We are increasing the time between client sessions to lessen client-to-client contact and to allow for proper sanitation.

  • Continued disinfectant and sanitation practices between sessions with augmented frequency for disinfecting communal surfaces such as door knobs, light switches, keyboards & faucet handles after each client in addition to  touch-free soap dispensers & trash bins in restrooms.

  • Rooms are ventilated between sessions with open windows, HEPA room air purifiers, and there are barriers and disinfecting  practices for face rest covers and tables.


  • Full PPE for practitioners that includes surgical masks, goggles  and non-surgical masks are provided  for clients as needed.

  • Practitioners use gloves/ wash hands between clients to  handle used linens and materials as well as  for contact with communal surfaces outside of treatment rooms.

COVID19 F.A.Q.Guide