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In 2020 we reopened in alignment with the new world of COVID safety standards and guidelines:

We welcome you to new contact-free intake, payment and booking systems that make scheduling and receiving services simpler and safer.  


At Intuitive Wellness we take the health and safety of our practitioners, client community and their families very seriously. We have taken the following specific measures to protect our team & patients against the spread of infectious diseases: 

Guidance and Consulting:

  • Our primary resource is  Infectious Disease Consultant,  Shana Dell  who works with Johns Hopkins,  Baltimore City Dept. of Public Health and former CDC Protocol specialist who guides our  safe practices and curated our COVID operations and exposure responses.



Administrative Operations:​​

  • A digital COVID Wellness Screening Assessment will be sent directly to the email address where your appointment confirmation and Digital Intake Form are sent.

  • We have upgraded to a new  booking system that supports contactless transactions, intake processing, forms as and automates a digital Client Intake Form &  COVID Wellness Assessment questionnaire.

  • You will receive a text check in message 10 minutes before your session.  This will allow us to minimize the foot traffic and contact with other patrons. During surges in COVID cases, your practitioner will perform  a contactless temperature reading and offer hand sanitizer upon your arrival

Risk Elimination:

  • Minimization of client-to-client contact via car to service practices, and elimination of waiting areas.

  • We asks that all phones, screened devices and watches be put away before entering treatment rooms and that eyeglasses and jewelry be  removed before sanitizing hands and beginning sessions. 

  • Restrooms have been supplied with touch-less soap dispensers and trash cans.  We encourage  patrons to use the restroom before arriving to minimize contact with shared spaces where possible contact .

Engineering Operations:​​

  • Our Occupant Density has been reduced .  The number of providers  in the building has been reduced and our practicing days and hours  and client sessions have been staggered. 

  • We are increasing the time between client sessions to lessen client-to-client contact and to allow for proper sanitation and air filtration.

  • Continued disinfectant and sanitation practices between sessions with augmented frequency for disinfecting communal surfaces such as door knobs, light switches, keyboards & faucet handles after each client in addition to  touch-free soap dispensers & trash bins in restrooms.

  • Rooms are ventilated between sessions with open windows, HEPA room air purifiers, and there are barriers and disinfecting  practices for face rest covers and tables.


  • Full PPE for practitioners that includes K95 surgical masks and where necessary, gloves, goggles  and KN94, KN95 & surgical masks are provided  for clients as needed.

  • Practitioners have always and continue to wash hands between clients after  handling used linens and materials as well as  when in contact with communal surfaces outside

  • of treatment rooms.

Guidance and Consulting:

  • Our primary resource is  Infectious Disease Consultant,  Shanna Dell  who works with Johns Hopkins, Baltimore City Dept. of Public Health and former CDC Protocol specialist who guides our  safe practices and curated our COVID operations and exposure responses.

  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, reassigned to the outbreak investigation team as a lead infection control advisor. Conducted site visits and advised on infection control in congregate living settings including long term care facilities, homeless shelters, assisted living facilities, substance use rehabilitation centers, and others. Organized and led weekly Baltimore City Health Department calls with long term care facilities. Reviewed and updated the outbreak team on changes to infection control guidance from the CDC and Maryland Department of Health.

  • Shanna provides case by case support with resolving contact tracing, evaluating client exposure  risks and assessing timelines for our clients who have tested positive for COVID and are symptomatic.  She is an alumnae of John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

  • Shanna Served as the Protocol Specialist for the CDC DSTDP funded Johns Hopkins STD Prevention Training Center (PTC) to provide TA to STD clinics on protocol development and implementation.

Health & Safety protocols F.A.Q.Guide
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