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Sunday April 21

Spring Shiatsu Essentials: Acupoint Prescriptions for Health from 11am-1:15pm

Learn seasonal prescriptive acupressure points to address common ailments such as:

shiatsu for gardeners, shiatsu for runners, sinus congestion  7 headaches and  shoulder pain.

 Receive guided support identifying  & applying acupoints in fun setting .

Exchange & practice with other practitioners and people in your community.

Sunday April 14 21. 28 & May 5

 1:30-4:30 (*April 28th 3:30-7:30)

Mamananda Child Birth Support for Safe & Dignified Birthing Experiences


Register for this 4 week childbirth education series with Mamananda and be resourced with:

  • Holistic ways to prepare for birth.

  • Pain reduction techniques.

  • Understanding your legal rights.

  • Newborn care.

  • Breastfeeding support.

  • Postpartum healing.

Be resourced with childbirth education, prenatal yoga, sound healing and weekly support with locally based doulas. Complete the registration form through the link: 


Mamanada is an initiative for safe and humanizing birthing developed by Olivyah Bowens and a collective of local birth workers who are passionate about childbirth education, safe birthing and postpartum support. They are working to close the gaps in childbirth education and doula support in underserved communities and ensure that families have access to dignified birthing experiences.

*To Be Announced 

Intuitive Wellness  hosts Labor & Delivery,  The 4th Trimester: Postpartum Thursday with Diane Gioioso L.AC. & M.AC. for practitioners, birth workers, doulas, midwives, bodyworkers. We will resume our partner stretching & prenatal and birth support offerings for practitioners & families with workshops on supporting the mother through specific nutrition and pressure points relevant to each stage of pregnancy & the development of the baby's organ systems. We will offer credited workshops for the First, Second & Third Trimester Care as well as learning forums for expectant mothers & families.


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True North Community Yoga _ Camille Intuitive Wellness

Camille Intuitive Wellness is a collective of massage therapists, body workers, birth workers and educators serving the Baltimore community. We are a therapeutic and bodywork wellness practice centered in pre and postnatal mother-care and education and our community has broadened to trusted providers outside of ou. As we broaden our community and CEU course offerings, workshops and events, we open our space to other entrepreneurs and practitioners to do their work and also collaborate with speakers, researchers, organizers and  women's health and wellness organizations to support access for health resources and information to our community.For collaboration, or event space, contact

Let’s Work Together

3000 Chestnut Ave

Suite 15

Baltimore, MD 21211


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